The Programming Languages group regularly offers the following courses, seminars, and projects. In particular, we currently offer these in-depth modules (Vertiefungsmodule): program analysis; language and compiler construction; logic programming (planned).

Please consult the Vorlesungsverzeichnis for the current program.

Introductory courses
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Programming languages (summer term)
Advanced courses
  • New in WS 2023/24: Logic Programming
  • New in WS 2023/24: Advanced Topics in Functional Programming
  • Program Analysis (summer term)
  • Language and Compiler Construction (winter term)
  • SS 2023: Advanced Programming Methodology Seminar
  • Program Analysis Seminar (winter term)
  • Language and Compiler Construction Seminar (summer term)
  • Program Analysis Project (summer term)
  • Language and Compiler Construction Project (winter term)
Bachelor and master theses

We are excited to work with talented students who want to pursue a bachelor or master thesis with us. Please see our dedicated website about thesis topics.